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How to Create Web Pages

The first thing you will need to do when creating your Home Page is to write the HTML files. If you are new to HTML, Speednet have provided you with links to some of the best tutorial sites to help you learn HTML.

Alternatively you can create web pages using a wysiwyg program such as Microsoft's HomePage or Adobe's PageMill, these will allow you to create HTML pages without having to learn HTML code.

When naming your files, please ensure that your first page is named index.html. This will ensure that the correct page loads automatically when a visitor goes to your site.

Once you have designed your Web Page, you will need to activate your space on the Speednet server.


How to FTP files to the Server
You should now have activated your space on the Speednet server and will now have received details of where on the server your files will go. These instructions tell you how transfer your files from your computer to the Speednet Server.

1. Choose an FTP Program

There are many downloadable FTP programs available from the Internet. These programs allow you to transer your files from your computer to our server. We recommend CuteFTP and refer to this in our setup instructions. Download CuteFTP HERE

2. Configure CuteFTP

Once you have downloaded and installed CuteFTP

  1. Open CuteFTP and the FTP Site Manager Window will open.


  2. Click on the Add Site button and the Add Host window will open. Fill in the fields.


  3. Please Note: The Host Address is Click OK.
3. Connecting and Uploading Your Web Site

CuteFTP is now configured. You are now ready to connect to the Speednet Personal Web Server. Ensure that your modem is switched on.

  1. Select Speednet Personal Web Server from the FTP site list.
  2. Click Connect.
  3. This will connect you through to your directory on the Speednet Personal Web Server.
  4. Select your files from your disk and transfer them into your public_html directory on our server, by dragging and dropping (Please note you require a file named index.html for your personal web page to work on our server).
  5. You have now uploaded your web site files.
4. Viewing Your Web Site
  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type the address:
  3. Your web site should appear.

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