Do you get annoyed when you try and download a large file, but it just won't work? Is it so slow that you finally give up after waiting 2 hours?

Is a program so popular that you think everyone should have it? Take advantage of our Central FTP Service to download at the highest possible speed:

Here is where you can find all sorts of freely distributable shareware, evaluation software, popular game demos, patches and fixes for all sorts of systems. We are always adding new files, so check back often, especially if you hear about something new - if its not there, tell us so we can get it!

To have us fetch a file, you'll need to email the URL (the 'address' of where the file is) to along with your request. We'll then notify you when we have it, usually within in a day or two.


Microsoft AntiSpyware

The following download is a Beta Version of Microsoft's Extremely effective Real-time Spyware Security program. Click on link to download the executable program. Click Here For More Information prior to installation.

Minimum system requirements for Windows AntiSpyware (Beta):
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
A 300 MHz or faster processor with at least 64 MB of RAM
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server™ 2003
At least 10 MB of available free space on your hard disk
Internet access with at least a 28.8 Kbps connection to use SpyNet

Download Microsoft AntiSpyware Program Here

CoffeeCup FTP

Coffee Cup FTPis a free FTP program available on the Speednet Server which will enable you to upload your web pages to your personal web space, or transfer files around the internet.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is simply a means for moving files across the Internet or uploading files to a server. FTP is a client/server protocol that enables a user with an FTP client to log on to a remote machine, navigate the file system of that remote machine, and upload and download files from that machine.

Download CoffeeCup FTP Program Here



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