Dial-Up Number Local Call Nation Wide

019 833 1201

Please download this program onto a spare floppy disk and keep it in a safe place. If you reinstall your computer, simply load the disk and follow the prompts to restore your settings for access to our service. If you experience any difficulties, please call us.

To manually change to the new dial-up number please call our help desk on 9570 9900 or look on our computer setup page.

Set Up Disk

Click on Disk to download
New Set Up Program

  1. Click on 'Start', 'Run',
  2. In the 'Open' field, type in "A:\Speednet Setup.exe"
  3. Click on 'OK'

Please note: When running our new setup disk you first need to remove the old Speednet Settings.

Please Note: Not Suitable for Networks



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